Security Policy

This Security Policy is established by EAPT.

Participating in any Event signifies your agreement with this policy. If you don't agree with this policy, you should not participate in an Event.


EAPT maintains a zero-tolerance policy for criminal activity during any Event, with appropriate security measures in place to prevent and address such activity. All relevant game rules, local house rules, and local and national gaming laws and regulations will be strictly enforced during all Events. Anyone found violating these rules may lose their right to continue participating in the Event and may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Abusive or threatening actions or behaviors, as determined by our sole discretion, will not be tolerated. Individuals exhibiting such actions may lose their right to continue participating in the Event and may be asked to leave the premises.

Any individual identified by us as involved in or connected to suspected unlawful activity, or any person raising reasonable grounds for suspicion, may be barred from attending any Event.

EAPT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prevent any person(s) from attending any Event for security reasons, including, but not limited to, due to previous involvement in security incidents that raise reasonable grounds for suspicion.

EAPT will utilize a confidential reporting facility to ensure thorough investigation of all security incidents. Any criminal evidence identified or collected during an investigation may be shared with law enforcement agencies for potential criminal prosecution.

Security at a Live Event or Live Room

Our goal is to provide a positive experience at EAPT sponsored events and live rooms. To help you maintain good personal security while attending, we offer the following advice. While every individual at a live event or live room is responsible for their own security and that of their belongings, we want to help enhance your personal security. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we assume no responsibility or liability for any damage or loss suffered by you while attending any EAPT sponsored events unless such damage or loss is a result of our negligence.

Protecting Yourself

When traveling to an event or live room, you may be in an unfamiliar environment and may not speak the local language. Local criminals often target tourists attending large public events, including poker tournaments. Most crimes involving players at events are crimes of opportunity and theft of personal belongings. Travelers can also be targeted by pickpockets who operate in areas where tourists tend to gather, especially in nighttime entertainment venues.

If you travel with personal computer equipment, be aware that this can be an attractive target for thieves, not only for the electronics' intrinsic value but also for potential access to your various accounts (email, bank, online gaming, etc).

Hence, please read and follow the travel advice provided by your government when traveling to foreign countries.