MMedia and Streamer/Vlogger Guidelines

EAPT ("we"/ "us"/ "our") extends a warm welcome to all representatives, encompassing editorial staff, photographers, social media influencers, and videographers who contribute news articles for esteemed independent media outlets such as poker trade media, mainstream newspapers and magazines, bloggers, licensed broadcasters (television and radio), and national news service organizations ("Media Representatives"), in addition to individuals who produce videos for their personal or third-party social media channels ("Vloggers"), at our EAPT events ("Events"). We are eager to support any media requests as needed.

Our primary aim is to guarantee a seamless experience for poker players, casinos, our staff, and all Media Representatives and Vloggers present at our Events. To help us achieve efficient event management, kindly ensure you thoroughly read and adhere to these guidelines ("Guidelines"). Failure to comply with these Guidelines may result in the withdrawal of accreditation for Media Representatives or Vloggers for specific Events or future Events.

Once an application is successfully processed, Media Passes can be granted to Media Representatives, and Streamer Passes can be given to Vloggers attending our events strictly for content creation purposes. If a media member plans to play and vlog, they should request a Streamer Pass. Players intending to stream/vlog should also request a Streamer Pass. If a media member wishes to participate in a specific tournament during an Event, they must surrender their Media Pass while playing, which will result in losing access to the Press Room (defined below). If a media member desires to play a specific Event and vlog, they must relinquish their Media Pass and apply for a Streamer Pass. Note: In some events, media members must attend solely in a media role and are prohibited from playing. In such instances, applicants will be notified during the accreditation process.

Please note that completing an online application for a Media Pass and/or Streamer Pass to attend an Event does not automatically secure approval or granting of the application. Applicants will receive a response email from [email protected], confirming whether the Media Pass and/or Streamer Pass application has been successful. We will only issue Media Passes and/or Streamer Passes upon receiving written approval from us, and we reserve the right to restrict the number of Media Passes assigned to Media Representatives from any single media outlet and Streamer Passes given to Vloggers from any one channel or team.

Media pass requirements

Media Representatives seeking Media Passes must adhere to all applicable legal requirements related to their presence at any Event. Such requirements may encompass, but are not limited to, age restrictions and any supplementary local regulations or constraints. Media Pass applications should be intended solely for Media Representatives affiliated with a media outlet whose main objective is covering activities at an Event.

Media Passes will be granted exclusively to editorial personnel and contractors employed by established media outlets, which include poker media outlets, mainstream newspapers and magazines, bloggers, licensed broadcasters (television and radio), and national news service organizations. Media Passes will not be issued to non-editorial staff attending Events for promotional purposes, such as representatives of public relations firms, marketing/sales/advertising agencies, or poker management or business-related services.

Accredited Media Representatives must report solely for the publication(s) mentioned in their application form and approved during the application process. Media Representatives found reporting for unapproved publication(s) risk losing accreditation for previously approved Events and the possibility of accreditation for future Events.

Submit Media Pass applications through the online application form here, ensuring all pertinent fields are filled out, including name, organization, full contact details, and plans for media coverage. It is advisable to submit Media Pass applications well ahead of time and to avoid making travel arrangements to attend an Event until receiving written confirmation from us approving the Media Pass application. Entry to an Event will be denied without a Media Pass.

All team members and assistants accompanying a Media Representative must apply for a Media Pass individually and carry it with them at all times during the Event.

First-time applicants from any media outlet, as well as freelance journalists, must furnish us with the necessary documentation for assessing their application and verifying the applicant's affiliation with a recognized media outlet.

The number of Media Passes allocated to a single media outlet, especially for TV crews, may vary depending on the Event and/or venue. Typically, this is due to venue capacity, and we reserve the right to manage the facilities accessible to media outlets as needed. Arrange interviews with sponsored players in advance through [email protected] when possible. For interviews with players at the Event, contact one of our PR representatives at the Event venue and/or via email at [email protected], and they will schedule an appropriate time and place for the interview.

Media Passes cannot be transferred. If a change in personnel is required before or during an event for any reason, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

Streamer Pass requirements

For recording content during an Event, Vloggers are required to secure a designated Streamer Pass. To apply for a Streamer Pass, complete the online application form here, ensuring all necessary fields are filled out, including name, organization, full contact details, and content plans. We recommend submitting Streamer Pass applications well ahead of time and not making travel arrangements to attend an Event until receiving written approval from us regarding the Streamer Pass application. Vloggers will be denied entry to an Event without a Streamer Pass.

Streamer Passes will be granted solely to individuals creating content for their own channels or other third-party channels mentioned in the application form and approved by us during the application process. Vloggers found creating content for unauthorized channel(s) may lose their accreditation for any approved Events up to the date of discovery and the opportunity to be accredited for future Events.

Those applying for a Streamer Pass must adhere to these Guidelines. Specific filming requirements are detailed in Section 6 'Video.'

Every team member and assistant accompanying a Vlogger must individually apply for a Streamer Pass and have it on hand at all times during the Event.

Code of conduct

Media Pass/Streamer Pass holders must display their pass prominently at all times and present it for inspection when requested by any of our authorized representatives at the Event venue.

Media Representatives are forbidden from participating in the main event of any Event, including any live room, unless they receive written pre-approval from the PR team. Furthermore, Media Representatives are not permitted to report on any side event they have played or plan to play in without written pre-approval from the PR team.

Should a Media Representative desire to vlog the tournament they are playing in, they must relinquish their Media Pass and apply for a Streamer Pass (refer to Section 2 'Streamer Pass').

Media Representatives may not hold any stake (financial or otherwise) in the outcome of an Event. This encompasses purchasing shares or equity in any individual player or sponsored team in any form. This prohibition applies to any type of fantasy game with a financial component.

The only language allowed in the tournament area for an Event is the event's official tournament language(s).

Please observe any venue rules concerning access, such as casino dress codes and food/drink prohibitions, while attending any Event.

It is essential for Media Representatives and Vloggers to respect players and uphold the integrity of all Events. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

Tournament area - guidelines

In the tournament zone for Events, it's essential that Tournament Directors, floor staff, EAPT personnel, EAPT Blog team members, EAPT-associated film crew, and casino employees can execute their responsibilities without obstruction at all times.

Please observe all directions provided by tournament staff or our representatives.

All Media Representatives and Vloggers should vacate the tournament area when floor staff and/or players are securing chips.

If instructed to leave a particular area by one of our authorized representatives or an Event venue staff member, Media Representatives and Vloggers should comply courteously. Non-compliance with instructions may lead to the loss of Media Pass/Streamer Pass for the entire Event and potential disqualification from accreditation for future Events.

During the final stages of a tournament with a limited number of tables, Media Representatives and Vloggers will be asked to clear the sectioned-off area surrounding the tables. Once the playing area is empty, tournament staff will attempt to provide a distinct, sectioned-off media space, but this is not guaranteed.

Media Representatives and Vloggers must maintain a safe distance from our TV crew/s to avoid accidents, as the equipment being used is heavy and may cause injuries.

If a particular shot is necessary, Media Representatives and Vloggers should communicate with the producer or floor manager, informing them of the needed shot, as they can often reposition a cameraman/sound engineer.


Designated photographers will be capturing images of the tournaments at all Events. Photos taken by approved photographers can be accessed for use by emailing [email protected].

Photography may be restricted outside the tournament area in some venues. Violating casino regulations in this regard will result in the confiscation of a Media Pass/Streamer Pass for the entire Event and the risk of losing accreditation for future Events. Photographers must respect the privacy of casino patrons not directly involved in the Event.

Flash photography is prohibited during tournament play and at the feature table.

Filming Guidelines

In some locations, recording outside the tournament area is not permitted, and any Media Representative or Vlogger violating these rules may have their Media Pass/Streamer Pass revoked for the entire Event and risk losing eligibility for future Events. Videographers must respect the privacy of casino customers not directly involved in the Event.

The number of Media Representatives per TV crew or Vloggers per channel or team is limited to two people in the general tournament area, with only one member filming at a single table. Each TV crew, channel, or team can film at a table in the general tournament area for a maximum of 15 minutes. Filming beyond this timeframe is prohibited, and you must stop when instructed.

Filming for future broadcasts is allowed in the general tournament room.

Zooming in on specific tables, hands, or filming the cash registration area, security, cash game areas, or casino game sections is prohibited.

Recording at the poker table is strictly forbidden.

Live-streaming any active tournament table is strictly prohibited. Media Representatives and Vloggers may live stream in the general tournament area ONLY with prior written approval by emailing the relevant event contact. Anyone wishing to use live streaming services must seek written permission in advance, providing full details of their plans when applying for online media accreditation to receive a Media Pass and/or Streamer Pass.

Only designated event film crews are permitted to film the TV table during the tournament. Media Representatives and Vloggers can request to film the TV table when poker play is not in session by emailing the relevant event contact with specific requirements.

Media Representatives and Vloggers must respect other players. Filming should not cause discomfort to players in any way. If a player requests you stop recording them, you must comply. Do not place cameras or equipment near people's faces without their permission.

Do not hold recording equipment over tables or players. Do not focus cameras on players unless they specifically request to be part of your recording.

Cameras and equipment should not be placed conspicuously on the table at any time.

If we determine that any filming by a Media Representative or Vlogger is disruptive, intrusive, or interferes with the event's broadcast and capture, they must stop filming when directed by authorized representatives.

Press Room Etiquette

We aim to provide media facilities, including a press room with wireless or cable internet access at Events ("Press Room"). Access to the Press Room and/or other media facilities is limited to Media Representatives with Media Passes.

If the Press Room reaches capacity, access may be restricted.

Media Representatives should remember that shared Press Room facilities are designated for work purposes only. Please avoid using bandwidth for non-work activities and maintain a quiet atmosphere by minimizing noise levels.

For security and other considerations, Media Representatives should not invite players, colleagues, or friends into the Press Room.

We are not responsible for personal items or work equipment left in the Press Room and/or tournament area.

Event Coverage and Streams/Vlogs

All Media Representatives and Vloggers must provide the relevant Event sponsor (as requested by us) with prominent recognition and mentions in their Event coverage and streams/vlogs. For written articles, this means clearly crediting the Event sponsor in the first mention of the Event. In the case of video coverage by Streamers/Vloggers, prominently mention the sponsor and the full official name of the Event during the video. Sponsor recognition and mentions are also required in any reports using information, photos, or videos supplied by the event organizer, even if the journalist using such content is not accredited or did not attend the Event.

All Media Representatives and Vloggers must give the relevant Event sponsor (as requested by us) prominent mentions on social media by tagging the event organizer in every tweet they publish about the Event on Twitter and by tagging the organizer in the copy of any posts they publish about the Event on Instagram. Additionally, any social media posts about the Event, including but not limited to live reports, chip counts, interviews with Ambassadors, vlogs, etc., must include the relevant Event hashtag, and competitor brands are prohibited from being tagged/mentioned.

Media Representatives must adhere to trademark policies regarding the use of the Event sponsor logo in all Event reporting. Contact the event organizer for more details.

When an Event is broadcast live with a delay (cards-up**), Media Representatives and Streamers/Vloggers must synchronize their live reporting of the Event with the broadcast schedule. This delay applies to all live reporting, blogs, social media posts, and live streaming platforms.

Live Event Security Policy

All Media Representatives and Vloggers, regardless of status, are subject to the event organizer's Live Event Security Policy when attending Events. The policy details can be found at the designated location.


Any Media Representative or Vlogger failing to comply with any provision of these Guidelines or failing to comply with a request from a member of our staff or Event venue representative will have their Media Pass and/or Streamer Pass revoked for the duration of the Event and risk being banned from future Events.

For any inquiries regarding media accreditation or media/Streamer/Vlogger requirements, please email the event organizer.

We reserve the right to: (a) award; (b) reject any application for; and/or (c) withdraw any Media Pass or Streamer Pass, at our sole discretion at any time.

**Delayed broadcast with players' hole cards displayed on screen.